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Buttercream, though involving simple techniques and miminal ingredients, is often something that causes a lot of trouble to home bakers. Now you can access our tutorials and learn how to make the perfect buttercream.


We include a tutorial for standard buttercream (using butter and icing sugar) and then our signature French & Swiss Meringue Buttercreams, which are out of this world flavour-wise and texture wise: silky, rich and light at the same time, and way too more-ish. They are perfect for filling macarons with and I like to use them in all my cakes too.


Once you've paid for and downloaded your file, open it and it will contain instructions for the link to click and password to enter to view your videos. It also contains all the recipes for the buttercream in the videos.


You will need:

Unsalted butter

Icing sugar

Caster sugar



Vanilla extract

A stand mixer or electric whisk



Thanks for shopping!


Online Buttercream 3 Ways Class

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