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Our Values:

Quality, Kindess, Collaboration, Integrity



In today's world of throw-away consumerism and an economy that's no longer rooted in small suppliers, it's all too hard to find consistent, high quality products. We all know that sinking feeling of something not meeting our expectations. We want not only to meet your expectations but exceed them, every time. With taste, with style, with customer service.



We believe we are past the age where people, especially women, feel they have to do each other down in order to succeed. We don’t need to tell you that others are bad to tell you what’s great about us. Collaboration means more success for everyone: “a rising tide lifts all boats”. The ideas and opinions of each member of our team are valued. We want to solve your need for a cake supplier even if we're booked up by recommending them. We're here to build up, not tear down.



We believe in keeping our word and telling the truth. We will not forget your cake date or decide my weekend off is more important at the last minute. We won't lie about our products and services. We'll treat you with respect. And we'll produce products that have integrity too with the ingredients we use, including organic eggs and milk, local butter, British sugar, and Callebaut chocolate from sustainable farming projects.




We believe each person is precious and valuable and should be treated with respect. Business can be a force that changes the world to treat people better, instead of sacrificing people for profit. Money is necessary for good to be done. We believe in being compassionate to clients whose circumstances change, inclusive of and sensitive to guests with additional and varying physical and mental needs, and treating employees well by being flexible. We believe in being kind to the local community and supporting local suppliers wherever possible. We believe in being kind to the planet - we are now certified Carbon Neutral, have Plastic Free Champion status and are continually researching ways to be more sustainable.

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