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​​Classic flavours

  • Victoria - a classic, fluffy vanilla sponge filled with silky Swiss meringue buttercream and strawberry conserve

  • Lemon Meringue Pie - our signature flavour of zesty lemon drizzle sponge filled with homemade lemon curd and Swiss meringue buttercream

  • Chocolate Cake (even people who don't like chocolate cake like this one) - rich, moist chocolate sponge which is just the right side of sweet, filled with our ethereal Swiss meringue buttercream

  • Orange and almond - moist almond sponge made with a whole real orange, filled with French buttercream

  • Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cake - with the addition of a layer of creamy salted caramel, and a hint of salted caramel in the buttercream​

  • ​​Bakewell Cake - fluffy almond sponge filled with French buttercream and raspberry conserve

Premium flavours (surcharge per cake from £10)

  • Champagne & Strawberry - vanilla sponge infused with a real champagne syrup, filled with strawberry and champagne syrup whipped through Swiss meringue buttercream 

  • Carrot - carrot cake bursting with flavour, nuts (optional) and sultanas filled with cream cheese frosting

  • Sticky toffee - think that proper sticky toffee flavour but with a lovely sponge texture, filled with sticky caramel sauce and French custard buttercream

  • Pistachio - light, fluffy pistachio cake filled with ethereal, melt-in-your-mouth Swiss meringue buttercream with honey and a pistachio crumb whipped through it

  • Pumpkin Spice - trust us, those Americans know what they're doing. Insanely moist spiced pumpkin cake filled with your choice of straight cream cheese frosting or with an additional hint of pumpkin spice latté 

All our cake tiers are made of three layers of cake with two layers of generous filling, meaning each tier provides the perfect slice of cake for each of your guests. Fillings are French or Swiss meringue buttercream with homemade curds, sauces and luxury conserves.




  • Vanilla - filled with your choice of French vanilla or Swiss meringue buttercream - both totally melt in the mouth 

  • Lemon Meringue Pie - pale yellow shells filled with homemade lemon curd and Swiss meringue buttercream

  • Hazelnut praline - hazelnut shells filled with smooth, creamy chocolate ganache and hazelnut pieces

  • Salted caramel - filled with buttercream whipped up with our delicious creamy salted caramel sauce

  • Strawberries & cream - beautiful pink and white macarons filled with silky, ethereal strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream​

  • Pistachio - rich pistachio shells filled with pistachio & honey buttercream 

All our macarons are made gluten free but do contain tree nuts. Our cake flavours can be made gluten free but please bear in mind with all our products that they are made in a kitchen that uses all allergens. 


Dessert Tables & Treat Boxes

These dessert table options are usually baked in minimum batches of 12.

  • Profiteroles / mini-eclairs - £1.25 each

  • Giant profiteroles - £2.50 each

  • Macarons - £1.25-2 each

  • Cakesicles - £4 each

  • Geometric hearts - £3.50 each

  • Mini-cheesecakes - £2 each

  • Brownies - large brownies £3.50 each, brownie bites £1.25 each

  • Blondies - large £3.85 each, bites £1.25 each

  • Tiffin - large £3.85 each, bites £1.25 each

  • Cupcakes - from £2 each

  • Large sugar cookies - from £2, decoration quoted individually

  • Individual lemon tarts - £4.95

  • White chocolate dipped shortbread biscuits - £1 small / £1.50 large

  • Freshly baked scones - £3.00 each / with Rodda's clotted cream and Tiptree jam - £4 each


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