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Business Coaching

Hi, it's Bec here. I remember when the thought of pressing "send" on a quote chilled my spine. When I felt a cold dread when I looked at my bank account. I remember wondering why I had so few orders when I knew my product was good. Knowing I needed to hire but not having a clue where to start and worrying about letting things go.

Is this you? 

From £332 to £180,000

My first 5 months of trading as a cake maker, I made £332.  8 years later, having worked very part-time on the business while raising my children, our turnover was £35,000. Now we're forecast to turn over approximately £180,000 in this business year.

The Lows

All sounds great, but there have been awful moments along the way. There was the time I didn't pay myself for 6 months when I was paying staff. The time I sold £5 worth of our Valentine's range. Making a loss on cakes I quoted way too little for. The Christmas I made £2.72 per hour after I worked it all out. The time I swore I'd pack it all in if I didn't get more orders soon.

I get the juggle

I'm a woman in a world where women are given 4% of venture capital. I'm a mum of 3 kids, two of whom have additional needs. I'm a wife. I'm a person in the creative industry which is constantly devalued. I don't have a business degree. I get it. I get you. I get the juggle, the fears, the guilt, the dreams, the thrills, the highs and the lows. 

Here's what I can offer as a business coach:

- Getting to the nitty gritty of pricing. How to do it, how to feel confident about hitting that "send" button on a quote, and how to pay yourself and your staff a decent wage and make a profit.

- Marketing - building a brand to help you attract your ideal clients to buy that amazing product or service only you can offer. They are out there but you need to find them!

- Systems and processes: do you own a business that stands alone, or just a really stressful job? Is the business an entity outside of yourself? Can it make money when you're not there? If not, why not?

Figuring out what's holding you back emotionally. Our business progress is always rooted in our emotions and beliefs about ourself and about the world. You can't learn this in Excel (it's great but you can't). I've had to do a lot of digging into my own guilt about making money and working full time with having kids to get to where I am - guilt-free.

- Work-life boundaries and balance. 

- A beginner's guide to website building, social media and point of sale usage. I built and maintain our website myself and we all know where social media got us... 

So why not drop me a message below and know you've taken the first step to saying goodbye to the stress and hello to feeling in control, making more money and being happier. Book your free 10 minute discovery call now:

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