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We believe that sustainability is the bedrock of any business with longevity and integrity. We've made a lot of changes to become more sustainable, including becoming certified Carbon Neutral with Carbon Neutral Britain. Here are some of our eco-friendly steps:

  • ‍ Switched energy to sustainable provider

  • ‍ Switched milk to part organic, part milkman

  • ‍ Switched butter to local dairy which is also paper wrapped so recyclable, instead of the standard mixed materials

  • ‍ Switched to organic Fairtrade bulk bought ingredients where possible

  • ‍ Certified Carbon Neutral with Carbon Neutral Britain as a Small Business, paying monthly to plant trees and invest in sustainable energy projects

  • ‍ Reduced all single-use plastic as much as possible, use reusable silicon mats instead of greaseproof, use reusable plastic covers instead of clingfilm, use paper/card packaging instead of the boxes with plastic windows where possible

  • ‍ Use Bio-D for our cleaning and handwashing supplies

  • ‍ Use washable hairnets instead of disposable ones

  • ‍ Use a supplier who only uses recycled and recyclable packaging for most of our decorating supplies

  • ‍ Buy only organic eggs‍

  • ‍ Use local suppliers wherever possible rather than shipping

  • ‍ Stopped sourcing products from China and use local suppliers instead

  • ‍ We compost almost all our food waste

  • ‍ We recycle everything we possibly can

  • ‍ We freeze products wherever possible to cut down on waste

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