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How to Store Your Cakes

When you collect your cake it will usually be chilled if it is finished with buttercream. If it is fondant it won't be. This is to make it safer and more sturdy to transport. Please place the cake box in the boot of the car on the flat, or flat into a footwell, to travel. Do not put it on someone's lap!

When you reach your destination, store the cake somewhere cool and out of sunlight. If the weather is very warm, then a cellar or cool garage or a fridge is a good idea for buttercream or semi-naked cakes. Fondant cakes are generally fine as long as they are somewhere as cool as possible but at room temperature.

If you have purchased macarons on their own, they can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days and then brought out to come up to room temperature one hour before enjoying.

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