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What's so good about a Three Little Birds cake?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I wrote a post like this many years ago, but since then so much has changed. Our cakes are even better and I want to tell you why. Bespoke, professional cakes cost a lot more than the flour, eggs, butter and sugar that goes into them, and we know we have to earn your trust and show you why. So here goes.

1) It isn't just any flour, eggs, butter and sugar

As we constantly bang on about, our ingredients are carefully sourced. After discovering the conditions even free range chickens are kept in, we only use organic eggs. We source our butter from the local Dales Dairies and our milk from the nearest Riverford organic farm. After a lot of agonising research, we buy British sugar which isn't organic as on balance it was better than buying organic sugar from South America and shipping it 3000 miles. We could go on, but we won't! Suffice to say all our buying decisions are made carefully and to maintain excellent quality and integrity.

2) We really, really care about you and your cake experience

This is our passion! Beautiful cake and the people we bring it to. We are obsessed with giving you an amazing cake and an amazing feeling when you see it, serve it and eat it. Between us we have a lot of customer service experience, and being a small business means we can be extra flexible to your needs. We get that usually when you're purchasing a cake from us, it's marking a big life occasion, and you want that experience to be totally enjoyable and special. We're also aware that sometimes things go wrong, and we strive to provide solutions that go above and beyond where that might be the case. But don't just take our word for it... here are some testimonials.

3) There are 5 of us - you won't be let down

I hear so often of clients, including wedding couples, getting stood up by their cake maker for various reasons. There are 6 of us on our baking team so even if something happens to one of us, we can still ensure your order is made and to our usual high standards. When I'm on annual leave we have a brilliant VA who can still answer your enquiries so you're not left in the lurch. It also means we have the skillset of 4 different people who all bring different baking experience and talents to the table, training each other to develop all of our repertoires.

4) We are certified Carbon Neutral and constantly strive to lessen our carbon footprint

Over the years, we've made many changes to our processes and suppliers to reduce our negative impact on the environment. However, there are always going to be things you can't get rid of or change, which is where paying a monthly subscription to be Carbon Neutral comes in. We don't see it as greenwashing or an excuse to not still constantly try and reduce our impact though. Our next planned step is an electric van.

5) The actual cake is amazing (can we say that? 🤭)

We don't use normal fillings and coverings. Our cakes are luxury from start to finish. Our sponges are fluffy and light (we spent months this year perfecting our Victoria sponge recipe as we weren't happy enough with it), our fillings are made without icing sugar so they aren't claggy and overly sweet (we use only French or Swiss meringue buttercream), our covering is made with Belgian white chocolate ganache and our fondant is Italian and costs nearly £10 per kilo because it's so good it can be rolled out to 2mm, meaning no hefty wedges of uneaten fondant lying on your guests' plates. We have spent this year developing new flavours and we're really proud of them - they're unique, delicious and a lovely mix of classic and quirky, from our sticky toffee pudding flavour to our light and fluffy lemon meringue cake.

6) We're not just about the cake

We now offer a range of dessert options, from profiteroles to mini-cheesecakes, as well as cupcakes, macarons, and larger cakes, so whatever celebration you are looking to cater for, we've got you covered.

7) We make it easy for you to order and buy

Our website and invoicing system is run by Square and supports Paypal, so booking a cake couldn't be easier and you get automated reminders if you've staggered your payments, so you don't have to worry about remembering to pay the balance. All this costs us a bit more, but it makes your customer experience so much smoother, and lots of you have told us it's worth it. You can pay online, over the phone, or in person - and we accept cash, card, bank transfer, cheque and Paypal.

So there you go. Not just a pretty cake. But it's your opinion that matters most, so tell us: what do you love about a Three Little Birds cake, and what do you think would make them even better?

For wedding cakes, birthday and celebration cakes, macarons, treats and dessert tables in Keighley, West Yorkshire, Skipton, Leeds, Bradford, Saltaire, Menston, Bingley, and the rest.

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