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Why Three Little Birds Clients are Awesome

I'm on a lot of cake groups where I hear horror stories about how cake clients treat their bakers. I'm constantly seeing posts where clients have dropped a cake and then tried to demand money back and blame it on the baker. I've seen more Monster of the Bride posts than I care to recall. And then there's all the clients who go back and forth and back and forth with designs and then never make a booking.

I really do think that I have the best clients. And today's post is all about celebrating that and saying a big thank you from me to you for being, well, completely and totally awesome.

First, my clients are nearly always extremely polite. I don't get rude messages demanding prices or telling me how to bake a cake (yeah, this actually happens. I quote from another baker: "Can you make sure it's not dry please?" Oh ok, before you said that I was planning on making it super-dry but thanks to your tip, I know what to do). People who contact me are usually very pleasant to talk to.

Second, you often give me lovely feedback. It's not often someone picks up a cake and I never hear from them again. Also, one huge bonus of my job is seeing someone's reaction when they see their cake for the first time. I do think being British makes this somewhat understated, but I've had people tell me their creation is so pretty they want to cry, which is just the most lovely thing to hear!

Luxury wedding cake in West Yorkshire

Third, you are usually very punctual and good at communicating. I rarely fail to be able to get through to someone and no one has ever not turned up to collect an order!

Fourth, if there is any need to reduce the price of a cake, my clients usually simply tell me they would like something that comes in at a little less than that, and can I help them, rather than expecting me to reduce the price at my own expense or undervalue my work. I really appreciate this and can usually accommodate someone by changing the finish of a cake or simplifying the design.

Fifth, they recommend me. This is huge and what has largely got my business going: word of mouth referrals.

So thank you. For buying cake, eating cake and telling other people where to get my cake! I love working for you all and look forward to many happy years baking for Three Little Birds clients.

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