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Why there's no blog this week (or is there?)

Yesterday I was looking forward to a chilled evening, glass of wine in hand, sitting down after filling some macarons and piping some cupcakes and writing this blog for you, while my husband was out. Instead this is what happened...

8.20pm: one of my children begins screaming hysterically from their beds. I go in and find sick all over her, the duvet, the pillow, and the floor. Cue a mammoth clean up operation which lasts at least an hour and then a ninja replacement of child in bed (she'd fallen asleep in our bed which I'd covered in towels).

9.20pm: I text my husband to tell him what's going on. He says he'll come straight home. I say no don't worry she's fast asleep again. He replies that he is coming as he's hurt himself. He's a rollerblader and he's had a really bad fall.

9.40pm: husband arrives home, pretty much unable to walk without screaming in pain.

10.20pm: after some deliberation I send him off to A&E in a taxi to be assessed.

10.30pm: I finish clearing up downstairs and crawl into bed to type up the 5 invoices I needed to send people yesterday. There is no time or energy left to write a blog. I fall asleep in about 2 minutes after my head hits the pilllow!

I think anyone who has children, and anyone who has children and does paid work in some capacity, will totally relate to this! I am lucky to have amazing clients who are always really understanding that my cake life has to work with my home life and my children and that sometimes they don't always interrelate totally smoothly. I strive to always prioritise the right thing at the right time, but sometimes life throws you a curveball (or in Mr Three Little Birds' case, a cracked rib, torn muscle and very bruised hip), and thankfully this time all that suffered was a blog.

I'd love to hear your disaster stories of when life happens and just puts a spanner in the works - and how you managed to deal with it - or not!

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