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What's so good about a Three Little Birds cake?

We thought it was about time we let you into the secret of just what is so good about a cake from Three Little Birds Bakery. When you can buy a cake from ASDA for £10 or a Betty Crocker packet mix for even less, why would you choose us?

Our cakes taste amazing.

We all know the most important thing about a cake, right? Not the fancy schmancy decoration. It's the taste. Who wants to cut into a stunning wedding cake to find a mouthful of dry crumbs inside? Not us, and we'll take a wild punt that you don't either. That ASDA wonder may cost a tenner, but it'll be crammed full of chemicals and additives, iced out of a giant bucket of mass produced frosting, and probably has a shelf life of several weeks. All our cakes are freshly baked with free range eggs and good quality ingredients using recipes that have been honed and tested for years. They are light and fluffy and filled with buttercream made with proper butter and top quality fruit conserves.

Unlike other traditional cake makers, we use the modern ganache method to cover our cakes, rather than buttercream. This means that the cakes have straight, clean edges, ensuring that the fondant on the top can be rolled extremely thin for a stunning finish and better taste. It also means the ganache adds a delicious, more sophisticated flavour, rather than an extra mouthful of supersweet buttercream under thick fondant. (Can you tell I am that person who would peel the fondant off every wedding cake I ever ate? Oh, the irony.)

We look after the customer.

At Three Little Birds, we look after you. We take the stress away. We believe in delivering a premium service for our valued clients - that's you! We focus on delivering a completely tailored, bespoke experience to you. Individual designs are sketched out for you following your enquiry to your exact requirements. We've even made a replica of a specific house out of modelling paste before for a New Home Cake.

Wedding consultations are held with each couple individually, ensuring we give you our undivided attention and bespoke cakes to taste. You won't be jostling for space amongst 20 other brides and grooms, scrambling to make sure you get to try the flavours you like; you'll be the centre of our attention, so we can ensure your wedding cake perfectly reflects and enhances your unique day.

Because Three Little Birds is a home bakery, we can be flexible with collection times, and can respond to messages in the evening as well as during the day. We can also hold wedding consultations in the evening, making it easier for couples who are tied up during the day and at weekends.

We give your celebration the "wow" factor.

"This party would be better without cake," said no one, ever. Everyone at a party looks for the centrepiece, which is generally a cake (although you could just about persuade us that several giant truckles of cheese would be a passable alternative). And everyone wants to ooh and ahh at the cakey creation before the bit they're really waiting for: eating it. Cake isn't just about cake. It's about memories and love and celebrations of life. With Three Little Birds Bakery taking care of the cake (so you can tick off one more thing on your to do list), you'll be treasuring beautiful memories of your celebration long after the crumbs have been swept up and the plates cleared away. Get in touch now at or 07975 847065, or use the Contact form on this site to order your cake from Three Little Birds now.

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